Thunderdome is an Insect classs combat robot event that will be held at various locations in the Miami area on a monthly basis and is the brainchild of Paul Kynerd of Team Jag Robotics and Richard Wong from Ready to Rumble Combat Robots (R2RCR). We are in the process of rebuilding a safe and high tech arena suitable for students to test their robot designs by competing with others from both educational and private robotics interest groups. As part of a local STEM initiative, our goal is to advance our students’ knowledge and skills in the key areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Competing students will acquire sound knowledge in areas such as CAD/CAM, CNC, physics and will also greatly improve critical thinking and hand skills as they design, evaluate and improve their robot designs in order to  succeed in a highly competitive environment. Thunderdome 1 will be held at Starbot (Google for location and directions) in South Miami on Saturday July 20th, and will start at 1pm. You are encouraged to arrive around 12 noon, for registration, check in and inspection, so that we get started on time. This event is open to all combat robot builders. This an Insect class event and is open to Beetle, Ant and Flea weight robots. This is also a FREE event, so get those little bots built or tuned up and let the destruction begin!! Current sponsors include Starbot, Metalworks Engineering, Team Jag and R2RCR. If you wish to sponsor or help out in any way, or you are interested in holding a future event at your school or location, please contact Richard Wong at R2RCR or Paul Kynerd at Team Jag robotics. About Thunderdome