Advancing melty technology     Click here to see my melty fleet It’s time for a fresh look at the state of melty brain technology. After our fleet of melties made their debut at the Frankin Institute in 2010, and after a recent review of the available videos, the lights are back on and we are hoping to put permanent fear into the competition, by unleashing newly tweaked melty power onto the combat robotics community. This will happen in several phases as follows: 1) Little Spinny Tortoise Thingy (1 lbs)is heading north for a brain transplant! 2) Spinning Tortoise (3 lbs) is getting a software upgrade and will hopefully be ready for Thunderdome 1 3) Double Trouble (12 lbs) is waiting for the results of the surgery and may head north as well In case you are not familiar with these melties, check out the links below to see them in action!! Rolling pin vs Spinning Tortoise    Mr Croup vs Spinning Tortoise Weta Punga vs Spinning Tortoise Poco Tamboor vs Little Spinny Tortoise Thingie        Surgical Strike vs Double Trouble We expect that with the new upgrades, they will translate much better, even on the wood floors at Franklin and Motorama.  Stay tuned and wish us luck!! Double trouble destroys the kickplate at Franklin (high speed)