R2RCR main  switches We have been busy working on switches for bots weighing from 150 grams up to 15 lbs. Weight will be from less than 2 grams up to around 4 grams. We will possibly also have a tweakers kit which will allow discerning builders to remove additional weight as may be required for bots that are tight on weight. Prices should start in the $8 range and the switches will be rebuildable and possibly the ultimate switch solution ever!!  Coming VERY soon!   R2RCR gearboxes After months of R & D, we are close to releasing the first in our line of combat robot gearboxes. These will be modified  spur gearboxes for 3 lbs. robot drivetrains and weapons such as lifters, clampers, etc. More details soon! Soon afterwards, we will also release some high end planetary gearboxes for bots up to 15 lbs.  Exciting stuff is coming!!   R2RCR switches and gearboxes in action!! You can see our switches and gearboxes in action by clicking on the links below. Undercutter switch/gearbox torture test 1 Undercutter switch/gearbox torture test 2 Hot off the press!! After evaluating dozens of motors for the R2RCR line of gearboxes, I finally found a great motor!! Besides having true brushes (not just metal strips), in extreme testing, while every other motor emitted the magic smoke at 130 oz. in. of torque, or less (test ratio not being revealed just yet), this motor got up to well over 200 oz. in. without much effort!!  Same weight and stall current as all the others !!